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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Exclusive Japanese Cotton from Japan!!

All my cottons are handpicked from Japan. Worries no more on the quality..

RS - Sakura Drop in Royal Blue
RM140 (4 meter)

RS - Flowery Stripe
RM140 (4 meter)

RS - Gorgeous Grey Leaves
RM140 (4 meter)

RS - Orange Sakuras
RM140 (4 meter)

RS Gorgeous Red Leaves
RM140 (4 meter)

RS Sweet Sunflower in Cream
RM140 (4 meter)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Quality Japanese Cotton from Japan!!

 100% Japanese cotton from Japan.
 RM140 sepasang (4 meter)
email to order at thelovelycollections@yahoo.com
"feel the different"...u won't regret!!!

RS01 - Royal Blue Sakura

RS02 - Gorgeous Red with Butterfly (SOLD)

RS03 - Turquoise Blue (SOLD)

RS04 - Roses in Black

RS05 - Weed Brown Leaves

RS06 - Blue Sakura

RS07 - Gold Line Red Roses (SOLD)

RS08 - White Flowers in Black

RS09 - Sweet Roses & Roses

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Japanese Cotton - June Promo!!

RS Japanese Motive
Status : SOLD

RS Pastel Pink Chrysanthemum
Status : SOLD

RS Spiral Bluish Robert Kaufman
Status : SOLD

RS Traditional Flowers Purple
Status : SOLD

RS Sweet Pink Sakura in Black
Status : SOLD

RS Blue Roses in Grey
Status : SOLD

RS Full Lily in Green Leaves
Status : SOLD

RS Arabesque Lily in Brown
Status : SOLD

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Japanese Cotton - Discount 10% until 30th June midnite!!

lovely collections of japanese cotton..while stock last...grab now for ur hari raya coming...email me ur order at thelovelycollections@yahoo.com

price is inclusive of Japan shipping, tax n delivery to ur home...grab it now sis..!!
loves n cheers.
RS Exclusive Pink Butterfly
RM220 (4 meter0

RS Exclusive Japanese Design
Status : SOLD

RS - Checkered Blue Sakura with Gold Line
RM140 (4 meter)

RS - Fashion Torso Soft Purple
Status : SOLD 

RS - Orangee Sakura
RM160 (4 meter)

RS - Amunzen Black
Status : SOLD

RS - Sakura in Blue
RM80 (2 meter only)

RS - Pastel Flower
Status : SOLD

RS Amunzen Dark Blue
RM160 (4 meter)

RS Soft Pink Sakura in off white
Status : SOLD

RS Small Pink Sakuras
RM160 (4 meter)

RS Purple Kawaii
Status : SOLD

RS Big Sakura in Pink
Status : SOLD

RS Sakura Drop in Cream
Status : SOLD

RS Japan Sakura Soft Pink Cream
Status : SOLD

RS Brown Sakura
Status : SOLD

RS Pink Sakura in Black
Status : SOLD

RS Amunzen Red
RM160 (4 meter)

RS Polka Dot Lovers
RM140 (4 meter)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Japanese Cotton Special Collections

all times favorite design...all to let go at RM160 per 4 meter inclusive shipping, tax n delivery
order before 15th May 2010









 61A - Cream

 61B - Pink

61C - Soft Purple

61D - Black Pink