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Friday, September 11, 2009

Portmeirion Vases

Portmeirion Vases
We have various design...canton, flared, marquise, tulip, sovereign & watering can..
email me for pricing at thelovelycollections@yahoo.com
Canton Vase 8" nie kat Janine selling at RM285....u may get cheaper if u order more from me..email me for the best deal at thelovelycollections@yahoo.com
this is Sovereign vase 9"...unique kan..
Flared Vase 7"....retail price is RM190 kat Janine..
Portmeirion Watering Can 3pt/1.70L
Kalau ade akak2 yg interested nak buat collection vases nie, boleh la email saya utk pricing and shipping cost sekali ok...