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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Royal Albert Prairie Rose Teacups - Discountinued Set

Royal Albert Prairie Rose
Pattern nie is simply beautiful. My most fave pattern from Royal Albert actually. Very difficult to find dis but thank you to my friend kat UK tu yang manage to get this for me. Ade satu set jer pun.So, place ur order soonest possible ok. It comes with standard size cups and saucers with stunning Prairie Roses ...
set nie consist of :
6 x cups
6 x saucers
6 x 6" side plate 
Should u interested to order dis...email me at thelovelycollections@yahoo.com
very competitive price and worth to buy...
I zoom kan untuk tatapan semua ok...jom view..
Side view Prairie Rose
Prairie Rose saucer

Untuk pengetahuan semua, Prairie Rose nie famous in 1970's...pas tu discontinued in 1991...really hard to find this pattern