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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Johnson Brothers Fresh Fruits Collections for Sale

Fresh Fruit Pattern from Johnson Brothers
This pattern depicts very vibrant with colorful fruit on octagonal shaped porcelain with dark green trim

Fresh Fruit Johnson Brothers Dinner Set - 30 pcs
1 x sauce boat
1 x open vegetable
25 cm 2 x oval dish
31cm 6 x 20cm plate
6 x 27 cm plate
4 x soup bowl
4 x 16 cm plate
6 x cups and saucers
1 x tea pot


Dinner Set - set of 4 consist of :
4 x dinner plate 10.5"
4 x side plate
4 x bowl
4 x cups & saucers
1 x tea pot

if interested to have this set, please feel free to email me at thelovelycollections@yahoo.com ok..

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Royal Albert Old Country Rose Dinnerset

Royal Albert Old Country Rose
Old Country Roses 20 piece set (photo taken from http://www.royalalbert.com/)
Royal Albert nye factory kat UK dah jadi museum. All productions have been shifted to Indonesia. Produce in Indonesia, send back to UK and sell around the world...if compare with UK made, ade different sikit la..but Royal Albert still...hehehehe.

Set comprises:
4 x 27cm Plates,
4 x 20cm Plates,
4 x 16cm Plates,
4 x Teacups,
4 x Tea Saucers.
Bone China
Complete service for 4
Dishwasher Safe

If interested to order, u can email me at thelovelycollections@yahoo.com . Delivery within 1 month. Partial payment pun boleh...

Royal Albert Teacup and Saucer

Royal Albert Prairie Rose Teapot

Royal Albert Prairie Rose Teapot

Cantik kan teapot prairie rose nie....tapi susah nye nak cari...if anybody interested with this teapot, we all boleh tolong carikan..drop us an email at thelovelycollections@yahoo.com
Gorgeous kan bunga rose nie...sit on sparkling white china with gold trim lagi.. A popular pattern from the 1970's.

Royal Albert Prairie Rose Teacups - Discountinued Set

Royal Albert Prairie Rose
Pattern nie is simply beautiful. My most fave pattern from Royal Albert actually. Very difficult to find dis but thank you to my friend kat UK tu yang manage to get this for me. Ade satu set jer pun.So, place ur order soonest possible ok. It comes with standard size cups and saucers with stunning Prairie Roses ...
set nie consist of :
6 x cups
6 x saucers
6 x 6" side plate 
Should u interested to order dis...email me at thelovelycollections@yahoo.com
very competitive price and worth to buy...
I zoom kan untuk tatapan semua ok...jom view..
Side view Prairie Rose
Prairie Rose saucer

Untuk pengetahuan semua, Prairie Rose nie famous in 1970's...pas tu discontinued in 1991...really hard to find this pattern

Friday, September 11, 2009

Portmeirion Vases

Portmeirion Vases
We have various design...canton, flared, marquise, tulip, sovereign & watering can..
email me for pricing at thelovelycollections@yahoo.com
Canton Vase 8" nie kat Janine selling at RM285....u may get cheaper if u order more from me..email me for the best deal at thelovelycollections@yahoo.com
this is Sovereign vase 9"...unique kan..
Flared Vase 7"....retail price is RM190 kat Janine..
Portmeirion Watering Can 3pt/1.70L
Kalau ade akak2 yg interested nak buat collection vases nie, boleh la email saya utk pricing and shipping cost sekali ok...

Portmeirion Storage

Portmeirion Botanic Garden Storage
Storage jar nie is something dat must have in the kitchen...nice and sweet...kalau susun kat dapur sure cun....price is very competitive...email me if interested...
Portmeirion Botanic Garden & Pomona Airtight Jar
Availabe in  8"/20cm (H), 7"/18cm and 5.5"/14cm
to order email me at thelovelycollections@yahoo.com
Portmeirion Botanic Garden Multi Purpose Jar
7.5" in Sweet Pea motive
to order email me at thelovelycollections@yahoo.com

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cuci Mata jer nie...

Set nie cantik jugak...Rosie Rose Bone China
Set nie mmg cun...best nye kalau dapat buat collection kan..
unique design nie...
Riccardo Dinner Set
Yang nie pulak..riccardo....selling at promo price RM5k tu....perghhh...kalah Royal Albert
Koleksi Tea Set....
Scarlet Dinnerware....classic kan...
Shanghai Blue Design
Country set nie...cam spode n burleigh nye brand aaa...
Tropical Floral
Table setting nie melamine..so kalau jatuh pun tak pecah..
Sekali sekala pakai black and white pun cun jugak...
It has lovely flowers and unique patterns design.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Portmeirion Tableware

Portmeirion's Dinner Set
Botanic Garden 36 Piece Dinner Set
Consist of :
10.5” Plates x 6
8” Plates x 6
6” Plates x 6
6” Cereal Oatmeal Bowls x 6 
6 x Tea Cup and Saucer
*exclude tea pot
If interested to order, email me at thelovelycollections@yahoo.com
Botanic Garden Plates
Tea Set Botanic Garden 
1 Tea pot 2pint
Sugar 9oz
Cream 12oz
6 x teacup and saucer 7oz
(6 different flowers)

Botanic Garden Coffee Set
1 Coffeepot 2 pint
6 x coffeecup and saucer 7oz
(6 different flowers)
if to order please email me at thelovelycollections@yahoo.com


Botanic Rose Tea Set 7oz also available...
Botanic Garden Teapot, Ewer, Cream & Sugar Cup


Botanic Garden Airtight Jar 7" motive
Botanic Garden Airtight Jar 7"
Retail price kat Janine is RM190 per unit. I am selling at a cheaper price..u may order up to set of 6 unit. Email me if interested.

Portmeirion Wall Clock.....
Botanic Garden, Hoary Morning Apple and Grimswood Royal George Peach
Botanic Garden Breakfast Mug - set of 6
Others for sales...
Botanic Garden Serving Set 22 pc
6 x Teaspoon
6 x Pastry Fork
1 x Cake Slice
Salad Server set of 2
2 tier cake stand
6 x 6" cake plate
if interested to know more or to order, please email me at thelovelycollections@yahoo.com
Botanic Ewer and Hi Ball Glasses
Ewer 3pint
4 x hi ball glasses
Botanic Garden Hi Ball Glasses
Botanic Garden Square Plate
6 x 10.5" plates

if interested to know more or to order, please email me at thelovelycollections@yahoo.com

Friday, September 4, 2009

Tableware - Various Design

Hi, Salam to all...Today's posting I wanna share with you what I found when I am crusing and browsing around...share wit me ur thoughts ya...happy viewing gurls...

Rose Fleur Dinner Set
I found this set is quite nice, the quality is good, workmanship pun not bad..quite light jugak...
Carmen Tea Set
English roses design fine bone China...so sweet...
Signatura Square Tea Set
Tea set nie quite unique sikit...with square saucer..something different kan..design simple, gold finishing..

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Portmeirion Gifts

photo is taken from www.portmeirion.com

Portmeirion Canton Vase 8", 20 cm (H)

should you interested to order the vase you may email me for details or u may browse thru portmeirion for items and design u wanted. I will look for you.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tapestry Wall Carpet English Tulip

Wall Carpet English Tulip (Limited Edition)
RM 40
"Joy is not in things, it is in us" -thepaintedgarden

this wall carpet is my most fave items, i found it very unique and special. u can frame it. Share my fave and get one for yourself. I have 2 new one...(cos masa beli i ingat nak frame and make it 2 sets)
tapi dinding dah penuh daa....

English Design Carpet

Carpet Runner - English Design
Runner nie mmg exclusive, tak ramai orang yg pakai cam nie cos takut kotor. So why don't u give a try to get this? worth buying as this is english design yg rarely can fine with this price. Washable and anti-slip. You can make it as a wall carpet or put it in guest room. 
Size : 24inch x 84inch
Size : 36inch x 54"
Price : RM 250
You would never regret to buy this. Stocks are limited. So, hurry!!!